27 dic. 2016


El solo hecho de ser el #1 absoluto  de la liga USA BMX 2016, en la categoria CRUISER hombres, ya es motivo para ser noticia.

Pero el nombre de  DREW MOTLEY ha transcendido más alla del BMX y a llegado ha sitios especializados como BELTED BLOG ( lo comprendereis rápidamente al saltar al enlace ), por su bicileta con transmisión por correa.
Concretamente una CORREA fabricada por GATES CARBON DRIVE.

Se trata de un cuadro del fabricante canadiense YESS modelo TYPE-X 24" con una adaptación en el lado derecho, junto a la puntera, para poder introducir la correa.

Un artículo bastante detallado en BMX NEWS.

TT 21.375"
CS 15"
HA 73.5º
SA 68º
BB HEIGH 11.75"
WEIGHT 3lb 10oz

26 dic. 2016


El resumen de todas las FINALES tanto de Cruiser Mujer, como de Cruiser Hombre.

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17 dic. 2016

13 dic. 2016


¿ Os acordáis de los pronósticos en esta categoría ?.
Bueno...un poco "más de lo mismo" que en Cruiser Hombres. La niña que lideraba la categoría, a la porra por obra y gracia del numero de inscritas, y por el "factor BMX".
De modo que la tejana Jaycie Sinclair se hacia con el número 1 absoluto en Cruiser femenino.

The first Championship title-bout up for grabs would be Girl Cruiser. This one is always the tightest class in points and rider count and this year was more exciting than ever.

Arriving in Tulsa right before Thanksgiving was Jaycie Sinclair from Spring, TX., who was sitting in the number one spot of points. 
Once motos were posted, the 13–14-year-old girl cruiser class had 24 riders, giving them the advantage with 48 extra rider points.
But also in Jaycie's class was the familiar rainbow-colors of "Skittles", a.k.a. Mackenzie Gayheart. The Floridian rider had been training hard and honing her jumping skills leading up to this race, and it could all be seen on her numerous social media videos.

We knew coming in, that this race would be a battle of epic proportions. From the start, Jaycie Sinclair pulled the holeshot (from an outside lane no less), but Skittles was all over her all around the track and in every turn. 
In the first turn Mackenzie two-wheel drifted on the inside and Sinclair stretched an early lead only to find that pesky Skittles right beside her and taking another inside shot, entering the Tulsa turn. Again, Sinclair dodged the bullet and maintained her lead thru the rhythm. Blasting into the last corner, Sinclair was doing everything in her might to hold off the S-squared rider. Final turn action and Skittles made one, final last-chance divebomb which ended badly for her and left Sinclair free and clear to score the win.

And with it, came the National No.1 Girl Cruiser championship.


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7 dic. 2016


It's been a little bit of a wait but the Rift RS24 samples are in!.
We're extremely pumped on the initial go over so we're building them up and doing some geometry testing over the next few weeks. 
Look for them shredding around the Grands in just a few short weeks. 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/tangentproducts


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6 dic. 2016


¿ Qué ha pasado ?.
Si vienes siguiendo los post de RED DIVISION, sabrás que el pronóstico era que ganase un niño de 9 años.
Pero en USA BMX los puntos van en función del número de inscritos de tu categoría, y Drew lo tenia en ese apartado todo a su favor.
Necesitaba ganar la carrera...sencillo. ¿ Sencillo ?. Ni de coña...entre sus rivales estaban nada más y nada menos que Carnes, y Rupe !!. ( Vale, tienes menos de 40 años, y llevas 15 haciendo BMX. Son 2 ex AA Pro ).
Aquí tienes la historia :

Next up came the cruiser title chase. 
Coming into this weekend's greatest race on earth, we knew it would be a showdown between the younger rider and the old farts. 
With 41 riders in 9under cruiser they had good rider count, but compared to 51 riders in the 46 to 50 H class, Motley held the advantage.
Answer-Rennen's dominant 9 year old, Marshall Gehrke, was sitting number two in points and was out to at least retain his NAG number one plate, and then crossed his fingers hoping to also nab the National black plate as well. 
He did just that with a start-to-finish win, all the way from gate eight! From here, he'd just have to wait until 46-50 cruiser and cheer for anybody other than Motley.

Drew Motley started from lane seven and the intensity built when USA BMX president B.A. Anderson announced the usual line: "With the win, and only a win, Drew could become the national number one cruiser champ."
As the gate slammed down, Motley didn't get the best start of his life, and as expected - holeshot artist Eric Sweets did. 
Coming out of the first turn, Sweets held the lead but Motley and his belt-driven Yess cruiser pulled up alongside him on the outside - and then proceeded to pass Eric like he was standing still. Out of the Tulsa turn, Drew had five bike lead. By the last turn, Motley won with an easy seven or eight bike length lead.

Crossing the line, the celebration began with hugs and high-fives all around. Motley had just made history - being the first National No.1 Champion to win the title without a chain.

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